OriginalEasyStill.com – How to make spirits at home

1. Fermentation of the Mash

In order to make your mash, you need to firstly arrange for a fermenting vessel that could be in the form of a wine bucket or any other vessel that can allow you to make mash in batches of 8 or 25 liters. A 10 liter bucket will be ideal for making alcohols and spirits in 8 Liter batches. You can begin by dissolving granulated sugar in water in your chosen vessel before adding Turbo yeast. This mixture will then ferment to deliver the mash with alcohol strength of 14 to 18%.


2. Distillation Process

Once your fermentation process is complete then you can pour 4 Liters of your prepared mash in the EasyStill. Once you hit the Start Button then the mash will begin to boil and alcohol vapors will travel through the tube towards the outlet while getting filtered by way of the inbuilt tubular charcoal activated filter at the same time. You can expect 1.4 Liters of excellent 92 proof or 46% by volume alcohol after around 3 hours of the distillation process. Once you collect around 1.3 to 1.4 Liters of alcohol then you should shut off the EasyStill and note down the time taken to make the alcohol so that you can set the same time for the next batch through the inbuilt timer.

3. Enjoy your alcohol or further improve the flavor

You can enjoy your vodka mash as it is or can further improve the flavor and aroma with the addition of Prestige Essences to make well over 200 deliciously different alcohols, liqueurs, and spirits. If you want stronger proof levels then you can distill the mixture once again. Repeated distillation will certainly be required if you wish to make stronger spirits such as Absinthe.

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