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EasyStill – Make delicious alcohol from this compact table top still

Now, making potent and delicious alcohol and spirits such as Vodka, Rum, Whiskey, Fruit Snaps, and even essential oils, and water is as easy as making coffee with the new EasyStill tabletop distiller.

No need for large 25-liter distillers with long columns that take up all available space in your garage or backyard. No cooling tubes, cooling water, thermometers, thermostats, cooling fans, or plumbing needed. This compact 200 x 300 mm table top Pot Still model takes only 3 hours to turn any mash into the desired alcohol, spirit, or product in complete safety. This unit automatically turns off in case the boiling vessel is empty.

EasyStill Distillation Unit

This safe, simple, and compact unit is made out of top quality stainless steel inside and outside, and combines form with function with its stunning looks and features. All you need to do to is to pour your mash (max up to 4 Liters) in the unit after which it takes one hour to warm it up and 2 more hours for distillation, and voila, your desired distilled product is ready with around 92 proof levels or 46% alcohol by volume. If you want a stronger spirit, then just double-distill the product again.

A 40mm x 500mm long purifying tube along with a food-grade activated carbon filter ensures perfect purification of your desired alcohol or spirit. We recommend the 0.4-0.85 mm activated stone carbon from partymanshop.com.

The produced alcohols and spirits can be consumed as they are or can be enjoyed even more by adding herbs or natural flavors and essences. An inbuilt timer makes sure that the distilling process is completed safely and conveniently.

EasyStill : Product Description

Models: UK, EU, AU and USA/Canada compatible with matching voltage and plug
Output: 1.4 Liters 46% ABV/92 proof per distillation of 4 liters of mash
Dimensions: 200mm (Diameter) x 360mm (Height)
Power Supply: 230Volt / 60 Hz (also available in 120 Volt)
Power Consumption: 320 Watts
Weight: 3.5 Kg
Safety Switch: Trips at 142 Degrees Celsius
Dry Boiling Protection: Unit switches off automatically if boiling vessel is empty

Stay away from Cheap and Dangerous Imitations

The EasyStill is an original high-quality product that was invented in Sweden. However, due to Swedish laws, the EasyStill is produced as a water distiller and re-built with vital changes in Denmark, from where it is ultimately sold. However, as with other popular products, several unscrupulous imitators have started marketing cheap versions of the EasyStill in a bid to lure unsuspecting customers.

You should realize that the EasyStill has several inbuilt safety features that other cheap still lack. Thus, buying a fake or cheap still could explode causing irreparable damage in case the alcohol vapors ignite. It is better to buy our safe and long-lasting Genuine EasyStill rather than risk life and property with an imitation.

Distillation Procedure

Pour the mash (max. up to 4 liters) into the EasyStill and press the Start Button. The mash boils and releases steam that travels through the cooling pipe where it is cooled by an inbuilt fan and condenses back into liquid spirit.

The spirit drips out slowly after passing through the activated carbon filter. This spirit is collected in the transparent plastic vessel and can be enjoyed as it is or flavored with natural herbs, essences and flavors.

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