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Distillation equipment required for hobby enthusiasts

Equipment required for fermentation of mash

Fermenting Vessel. You can easily locate a 25 liter wine bucket to use as your fermentation vessel. You can ferment your chosen quantity in this bucket that might range from 8 to 25 liters. However, if you prefer a smaller vessel to ferment in only 8 liter batches that is enough for around 2 distillations, then you can opt for a 10 liter plastic container.

Siphon Hose. Any siphon or a hose can be used to transfer fermented mash from the fermenting vessel in order to separate the deposit on the bottom of the vessel. This might deliver a cleaner alcohol or spirit although it is not necessary.

Rubber Bung. You can use a rubber bung or even a lid that has a hole suitable for fitting the fermentation lock. Wine buckets usually have a rubber muff that can be fitted with a fermentation lock.

Fermentation Lock. This vital lock allows carbon dioxide to escape during fermentation and does not allow air to enter the fermentation vessel since it might contain vinegar bacteria.

Equipment required for advanced level enthusiasts

Hydrometer. A hydrometer that has an inbuilt measuring glass to measure specific gravity (SG) such as those used to check automobile batteries should be purchased. The Oechsle scale is an excellent alternative to check if the fermentation process is complete. You can engage in fermentation without these instruments, but if you prefer precise control over the processes then it would be a wise investment.

Equipment required for the distillation process

In addition to the easy-to-use EasyStill distilling unit, you will also need the following items:

1 meter tube that has a diameter of around 10mm.

1 Filter made up of activated carbon that is filled in a 40 mm diameter tube that is 500 mm long in addition to a funnel and tube cap.

1 Alcoholmeter, either the 30-60% model or the 0-100% one that has a 250 mm high measuring glass.

Advanced level enthusiasts should opt for the 30-60% alcoholmeter along with a thermometer and a correction scale. This unit will help keep an eagle eye on the distillation process right up to parts of a percentage and is usually used by professional distilleries. However, it will pay to make a small investment for your hobby. Remember to opt for a top-quality alcoholmeter such as Widder of Germany that can be purchased from www.partyman.se and can be received right at your front door.

Another helpful investment is a hobby bench. You can keep the EasyStill on the bench and your distillation collection vessel below that bench. You can easily locate a sturdy and economical bench from outlets such as B & Q.

Equipment required for final finishing

All you need are a few empty bottles along with a funnel for final finishing.

Essences. One of the best brands of essences that are available in a wide range of flavors is Prestige. You can buy them online at www.partyman.se and get them delivered to your doorstep.

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OriginalEasyStill.com – Mash Fermentation

Mash Fermentation

You can make your mash from a wide variety of ingredients depending on your chosen brew. You can begin by dissolving granulated sugar (detailed quantity calculations are mentioned below) in warm water and your chosen ingredients while ensuring that there are no clumps of un-dissolved sugar left behind in the water. It is very important for all the sugar to be dissolved in water for effective fermentation. You should also remember that adding sugar to 25 liters of water will increase the volume of the water to well above 25 liters.

Yeast is added next to begin the fermenting process within the “dough” of water, sugar, and your chosen raw ingredients. While some people believe that baking yeast can be used to produce alcohol, you should remember that baking yeast will produce alcohols with barely 11-12% alcohol strength and that too with several impurities. We prefer using Turbo Yeast (Prestige Turbo Pure 48 is a sturdy and popular yeast) that delivers stronger and cleaner alcohols in larger quantities thanks to the presence of both micro and macro nutrients in this yeast.

How to get the Best Turbo Yeast in Australia

Australian regulations differ from those in the USA and Europe, and Australian companies are compelled to utilize yeasts with specific nitrogen nutrients. This, in turn compels alcohol enthusiasts to use double the average weight of yeast (around 200 to 300 gms) that also reduces the temperature tolerance levels by 2 to 3 degrees Celsius while causing stuck fermentation before 18% ABV is touched and even producing more off flavors in the process. If you have faced such problems then ensure that you ferment in regulated temperature settings that are below 25 degrees Celsius air temperature. One simple tip is to cool the fermentation vessel with a fan while monitoring the temperature constantly.

Another vital tip is that you should import top quality Turbo Yeast from allfreightfree.com on your own. This Swedish Turbo Yeast is offered by Gert Strand of Sweden and you will not find better quality yeast on this planet. We acknowledge that this yeast is the best simply because we too make high quality yeast by the name of Black Bull Turbo, which is the best in AU yeasts. We have tested Turbos from all over the globe and grudgingly admit that our very own Black Bull Turbo is the second best Turbo, however it is still the best in terms of prices/quality.

This fact is a proven one since Gert Strand himself purchases our Black Bull Turbo Yeast to re-sell it again to his importers whenever they are in search of good quality and competitively priced Turbo Yeast.

The reason that Australia has specific fermentation rules is that they do not want bad quality yeasts fermenting mashes with high levels of Ethyl-carbamate. However, as compared to other Australian Turbos, both Gert Strand’s (Prestige) Turbo yeast and our own Black Bull Turbo produce very low levels than those permitted in wines and other fermented mashes. Thus Australian alcohol hobbyists using ordinary quality AU Turbos will need to not only use double the quantity of yeast, but will also receive weak fermented mashes in return.

Detailed Calculations while using Turbo Yeast

Here are some simple calculations if you wish to produce a 25 Liter batch of alcohol at home. Since 17 gms of sugar mixed in 1 Liter of mash makes slightly over 1% alcohol, you will need to follow the calculations mentioned below to produce 25 Liters of alcohol with 18% alcohol by volume strength. Remember to use top-quality Turbo Yeast for fermentation.

25 Liters x 17 gms Sugar x 18% (25x17x18) = 7650 gms or 7.650 kg of sugar

If you use Turbo Yeast then you simply need to read the instructions on the packet that mention that 25 Liters requires 6 kg of sugar to produce 14.5% strength alcohol and using 8 kgs will produce alcohol with 18% or more strength.

You should try to use a wine bucket for fermentation since it is the most practical vessel and if you remove the upper basket then you can easily keep it upside down within your dishwasher for quick cleaning. You can also dissolve sugar easily in warm water in your chosen vessel by using a paint mixer or a mixer paddle or even an electric drill or a stave mixer.

While fermenting, care should be taken to maintain the sugar solution temperature to between 25 and 33 degrees Celsius when adding the yeast. However, some enthusiasts suggest fermenting at slightly lower temperatures while using Turbo Yeast to ensure a steady and slow start while avoiding overheating and reaching the killing temperature by way of runaway fermentation.

One important tip is to allow your mash to ferment for at least 2 to 5 days longer than stipulated by all brands of Turbo Yeast. This will reward you with a clearer mash as well as stronger alcohol.

Fermenting your mash using a wine bucket

Use the above calculations to pour the amount of warm water and sugar into your wine bucket. Use a stave mixer, electric drill, or paint mixer to thoroughly dissolve the granulated sugar into the warm water. Let the mixture stand for some time before repeating the process until you observe a clear mixture of sugar solution. You can add more water to achieve the desired volume. You should use a thermometer to ensure that the sugar solution temperature is lower than 38 degrees Celsius.

Now, blend in a packet of Prestige Turbo Yeast and stir continuously until the yeast dissolves in the sugar solution. Use a lid equipped with a fermentation lock with extra water and let the fermentation begin. You might notice water being blasted out of the fermentation lock initially, but that is merely due to quick fermentation and is nothing to worry about.

After the fermentation is over, then siphon off 4 Liters of clear mash using a siphon right into the EasyStill and begin the distillation process to make strong alcohols and spirits.

Using a 10 Liter Plastic Container to ferment 8 Liters of mash

Use a plastic container with Liter indicators or pour 8 Liters of water in a plastic container and mark the level for further reference. Empty the container and pour in 5 Liters of warm water in your 10 Liter container.

Add 2.5 kgs of granulated sugar to the warm water and screw the lid of the container. Begin shaking the container to dissolve the sugar and leave it aside for a little while.

You can now begin shaking the container once again and repeat the process until the sugar dissolves completely in the water, and displays a clear sugar solution.

Fill the balance amount in the container with cold water until you reach your 8 Liter marking. You should ensure that the mash temperature at this stage does not exceed 38 degrees Celsius by using a thermometer. You can then add a packet of Prestige Turbo Yeast and keep on shaking the container until the yeast blends in completely with the mash.

Again, screw the lid of the plastic container, but not before fitting a fermentation lock on it. Just as in a wine bucket, the mash might blast out of the fermentation lock during the first few days, but that is just due to rapid fermentation and nothing to worry about.

Once the fermentation process is completed, then siphon off 4 Liters of that mash by using a siphon and transfer it to the EasyStill to start the distilling process.

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EasyStill – Make delicious alcohol from this compact table top still

Now, making potent and delicious alcohol and spirits such as Vodka, Rum, Whiskey, Fruit Snaps, and even essential oils, and water is as easy as making coffee with the new EasyStill tabletop distiller.

No need for large 25-liter distillers with long columns that take up all available space in your garage or backyard. No cooling tubes, cooling water, thermometers, thermostats, cooling fans, or plumbing needed. This compact 200 x 300 mm table top Pot Still model takes only 3 hours to turn any mash into the desired alcohol, spirit, or product in complete safety. This unit automatically turns off in case the boiling vessel is empty.

EasyStill Distillation Unit

This safe, simple, and compact unit is made out of top quality stainless steel inside and outside, and combines form with function with its stunning looks and features. All you need to do to is to pour your mash (max up to 4 Liters) in the unit after which it takes one hour to warm it up and 2 more hours for distillation, and voila, your desired distilled product is ready with around 92 proof levels or 46% alcohol by volume. If you want a stronger spirit, then just double-distill the product again.

A 40mm x 500mm long purifying tube along with a food-grade activated carbon filter ensures perfect purification of your desired alcohol or spirit. We recommend the 0.4-0.85 mm activated stone carbon from partymanshop.com.

The produced alcohols and spirits can be consumed as they are or can be enjoyed even more by adding herbs or natural flavors and essences. An inbuilt timer makes sure that the distilling process is completed safely and conveniently.

EasyStill : Product Description

Models: UK, EU, AU and USA/Canada compatible with matching voltage and plug
Output: 1.4 Liters 46% ABV/92 proof per distillation of 4 liters of mash
Dimensions: 200mm (Diameter) x 360mm (Height)
Power Supply: 230Volt / 60 Hz (also available in 120 Volt)
Power Consumption: 320 Watts
Weight: 3.5 Kg
Safety Switch: Trips at 142 Degrees Celsius
Dry Boiling Protection: Unit switches off automatically if boiling vessel is empty

Stay away from Cheap and Dangerous Imitations

The EasyStill is an original high-quality product that was invented in Sweden. However, due to Swedish laws, the EasyStill is produced as a water distiller and re-built with vital changes in Denmark, from where it is ultimately sold. However, as with other popular products, several unscrupulous imitators have started marketing cheap versions of the EasyStill in a bid to lure unsuspecting customers.

You should realize that the EasyStill has several inbuilt safety features that other cheap still lack. Thus, buying a fake or cheap still could explode causing irreparable damage in case the alcohol vapors ignite. It is better to buy our safe and long-lasting Genuine EasyStill rather than risk life and property with an imitation.

Distillation Procedure

Pour the mash (max. up to 4 liters) into the EasyStill and press the Start Button. The mash boils and releases steam that travels through the cooling pipe where it is cooled by an inbuilt fan and condenses back into liquid spirit.

The spirit drips out slowly after passing through the activated carbon filter. This spirit is collected in the transparent plastic vessel and can be enjoyed as it is or flavored with natural herbs, essences and flavors.

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OriginalEasyStill.com – How to make spirits at home

1. Fermentation of the Mash

In order to make your mash, you need to firstly arrange for a fermenting vessel that could be in the form of a wine bucket or any other vessel that can allow you to make mash in batches of 8 or 25 liters. A 10 liter bucket will be ideal for making alcohols and spirits in 8 Liter batches. You can begin by dissolving granulated sugar in water in your chosen vessel before adding Turbo yeast. This mixture will then ferment to deliver the mash with alcohol strength of 14 to 18%.


2. Distillation Process

Once your fermentation process is complete then you can pour 4 Liters of your prepared mash in the EasyStill. Once you hit the Start Button then the mash will begin to boil and alcohol vapors will travel through the tube towards the outlet while getting filtered by way of the inbuilt tubular charcoal activated filter at the same time. You can expect 1.4 Liters of excellent 92 proof or 46% by volume alcohol after around 3 hours of the distillation process. Once you collect around 1.3 to 1.4 Liters of alcohol then you should shut off the EasyStill and note down the time taken to make the alcohol so that you can set the same time for the next batch through the inbuilt timer.

3. Enjoy your alcohol or further improve the flavor

You can enjoy your vodka mash as it is or can further improve the flavor and aroma with the addition of Prestige Essences to make well over 200 deliciously different alcohols, liqueurs, and spirits. If you want stronger proof levels then you can distill the mixture once again. Repeated distillation will certainly be required if you wish to make stronger spirits such as Absinthe.

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OriginalEasyStill.com – Going Deeper into Spirit Making the Advanced Course

Advanced course in making wonderful spirits

This is an advanced course in making wonderful and strong spirits that can help enthusiasts take their hobby to the next level. In case you do not have some leisure time then you can always return later to go through this descriptive course.

EasyStill offers you a chance to easily make your chosen alcohol or spirit just as you would make coffee. If you fail a few times then just re-distill the mash or add flavors or fruits to end up with exciting new beverages. You can make grappa, whiskey, bourbon, and fruit snaps, and even add raspberries among other fruits before sipping on a delicious alcoholic drink.

You have unlimited options indeed.

You can try different options since the distilling apparatus is very simple to use. In fact, even if you do forget to switch off the unit after distillation, the unit automatically switches off once the entire mash is distilled to a clear fluid that has the same alcohol strength as the original mash.

Once you have completed the simple fermenting process using sugar and water with yeast to create the mash, then home distillation is simply another easy process that delivers an exciting spirit straight from the purifying tube.

In comparison to the compact EasyStill, other distillers with long columns, thermometers, external cooling fans or running water with plumbing seem cumbersome and dangerous.

Alcohol distillation is indeed a wonderful and expansive hobby that can be developed and honed over time. In fact, over time, several enthusiasts end up turning it into a paying business with their own professional distillery.

Mentioned below are various processes that lead to successful distillation

Fermentation of the Mash

You can allow the mash to stand for several additional days so that you end up with a clear liquid, either by using a clearing agent such as a Chitosan based one or even without any agent.

You can buy a hydrometer or fermentation gauge as it is also called to ensure that fermentation has stopped completely before you begin the distillation process. You can buy the Oechslemeter hydrometer model, which is very precise.

You need to constantly monitor the temperature of your mash to ensure optimum fermentation and can use an additional cooling fan during summer months. In addition, you can also try out various Turbo yeasts to locate one that delivers perfect gravity and alcohol strength.

Distillation Process

You should normally distill your mash twice just like experienced distillers do in order to make strong alcohols and spirits such as whiskey and cognac.

You can begin by discarding the first few droplets of distilled mash or fore shots that condense out of your still, which is hardly around a centiliter.

You can continue checking up on the distillation process as per your specific needs and can set the timer that will automatically shut down the process at the chosen time.

Once you have collected 1.4 Liters of distilled mash from your EasyStill then you can continue collecting the rest of the mash that will be weakened spirit, which can be distilled once again to deliver stronger alcohol.

You will have to try out your pot distilling skills without using the activated charcoal in order to make whisky, fruit snaps, etc. While distilling, you will be able to utilize the body of the distilled liquid while the fore shots, head, and tail will go back into the distilling process. You need to constantly engage in tasting the distilled product and saving the rest for re-distilling to choose the best body from the unit.

Even though this requires time and patience, it can be done while having fun too. However, it is easier to macerate fruits or herbs in your tasty spirits before distilling or drinking it. If you are interested in setting up or learning more about commercial pot distilleries, then clicking on the link mentioned below will reward you with a totally free Artisan Distillation eBook written by Professor Berglund, which is worth 100 USD.


Filtering the distilled product using activated charcoal

Activated carbon or activated charcoal as it is known acts as a molecular sieve to only allow smaller molecules of alcohol and water to continue ahead while stopping larger molecules of fusel oil and various other congeners. The larger molecules stick to the charcoal pores until those pores can no longer hold more molecules, after which the activated charcoal is replaced with a new one.

Since water molecules are smallest in size, they emerge out of the activated charcoal filter first. You can easily know when the charcoal begins filtering by touching the pipe that contains the charcoal filter since the charcoal will warm up when it starts to become active.

This activated charcoal increases its filtering capacity by 100% once it becomes totally wet due to capillary action and allows alcohol molecules to pass through. Sometimes, the filter can leave behind an aftertaste due to chemicals that remain on the surface.

You thus need to firstly allow 5 to 10 liters of warm water to pass through the filter tube to wet it completely and double its efficiency while rinsing the charcoal too. This can be done before you begin distilling or even when the unit is in warm up stage.

Once you have gained sufficient experience then you can even boil the charcoal with hot water for around 20 minutes, discard the blackened water caused due to charcoal dust and repeat the process with fresh water until clear water is obtained. The totally wetted charcoal can then be put back into the tube and is sure to work at 150% efficiency since it is completely wet.

Next, you can pass some spirit through the tube to release the remaining water so that you can avoid taste off after distillation and directly collect strong spirits. You can begin collecting stronger spirits after this process and after completion pass some water through the same tube to remove the remaining spirit from the tube filter.

The first 1.4 liters of alcohol received through the EasyStill filter is extremely pure since it drips out in the form of droplets slowly after 2 to 3 hours of distillation after passing through the charcoal filter. It can be much more pure if you collect the spirit initially and pour it through the funnel for filtering.

Final Finishing of the alcohol or spirit

For accurate measurements of your distilled alcohols and spirits, you should buy a 30-60% Widder alcoholmeter along with thermometer as well as correction scale. If you wish for better precision then you can opt for the Widder 0-100% alcoholmeter along with thermometer.

You can, in fact start out by distilling water and use that very water for all dilution purposes.

In order to boost the flavor of your finished alcohols and spirits, you can choose from over 200 different flavors of Prestige Essences and can set the dosage as per your specific taste preferences. You can also have fun experimenting with varying sugar levels and alcohol potency while creating liqueurs from your EasyStill.

Some alcohols, spirits, and liqueurs such as Absinthe, Sambuca, Pastis, Ouzo, and others based on aniseed need much more sugar and different enthusiasts have different opinions on how much sugar is ideal for their specific preferences. However, by replacing sugar with sweeteners, diabetics too can enjoy liqueurs made right at home without any worries.

You can also infuse herbs such as wormwood or various fruits and many such ingredients to further enhance the flavor of your distilled products. Have fun.

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OriginalEasyStill.com – Distillation

Methanol and Distillation

The distillation process basically separates liquids that have different boiling points. No new chemical or ingredient is created during this process and only ingredients already present in the mash are separated. For instance, methanol is already created in your mash during fermentation when cellulose is fermented and there is over 1% methanol present in whiskey. However, methanol is poisonous if it is present in higher quantities.

Methanol is formed in extremely miniscule quantities during fermentation of sugar. The quantity is so small that it is almost impossible to measure it. When you use the Turbo Yeast recommended by us here to make alcohols and spirits, then the mash will usually possess 1 millionth or 1 ppm, which is less that what is usually present in any ordinary orange juice and actually one hundred thousandth of what is normally present in any cognac or whiskey.

Preparing for Distillation

You can begin by filling your carbon filter with activated carbon and we would recommend that you use 0.4 to 0.85 mm active stone coal. Next, you need to soak the activated coal filter by passing 10 Liters of warm water through it. You should ensure that the filter is placed in such a manner that the tube of the EasyStill goes directly towards the funnel.

Now you need to pour 4 Liters or less of your prepared mash in the EasyStill based on how much alcohol you wish to prepare. Once the mash is in then close the lid and hit the Start Button to begin fermentation.

Distillation Process

The actual distillation process will begin after around 1 hour and 5 minutes of hitting the Start Button. The distilled filter uses the “drip by drip” purification method for extended contact time of 2 to 3 hours and will drip one drop at a time into the carbon filter. This purification process delivers an enhanced result as compared to using an ordinary active charcoal filter and is anyway an automatic process when you use the EasyStill.

You will receive 1.4 Liters of strong spirits after around 3 hours, which will possess 92 proof levels or 46% ABV in case the mash itself is 18% ABV. After you receive 1.4 Liters, then switch off the unit manually since distillation is complete. You will then need to dispose the remaining mash from the unit once it has cooled down. However, in case you do not remember to switch off the unit then the entire 4 Liters of mash will get distilled after which the EasyStill will shut off automatically. In case this occurs, then you can merely use the same distillate for re-distillation since that distillate will possess the same alcohol content as possessed before distillation.

If you want to prepare stronger spirits such as Absinthe then you need to repeat the above distillation process and can even distill 2 or 3 batches together. You can prepare up to 88% ABV using this method.

Cleaning the EasyStill is an easy affair since you can just distill a little amount of plain water and the unit will cleanse from inside. The unit will anyway shut off automatically once the water distillation process is complete.

Do I need to discard the first Output?

The first few drops that are of ½ to 1 centiliter in quantity after distillation usually contain ethyl acetate, acetone, and various aromatics. They are anyway extracted from the mash by the activated carbon filters and need not be discarded. However, traditionally many enthusiasts believe that in case the fore shots are discarded then the life of the charcoal filter gets extended.

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OriginalEasyStill.com – Turbo Yeast

Turbo Yeast and its Multiple Features

Turbo Yeast is extremely robust yeast containing selected yeast, macro and micro nutrients as well as quality boosting ingredients. Turbo yeast is available in bags that can ferment 25 liters of mash and contains around 3 to 4 times more nutrients than other yeasts.

There are different types of yeast that are suited for various forms of fermentation and temperature tolerance as well as alcohol tolerance form vital features of any yeast. For instance, bakers yeast can only handle up to 11 to 12 % alcohol strength while Turbo yeast variants can handle between 14.5 to 21%.

Nitrogen, magnesium, and phosphorous form part of macro nutrients and so do magnesium sulfate and diammonium phosphate.

Micro nutrients comprise of vital metals, minerals, vitamins, and trace elements. Micro nutrients are what separate bad from good Turbo yeast.

Other quality boosting ingredients present in Turbo yeast perform vital functions such as reduce fusel oil formation and other by-products, stabilize pH levels, stop foaming, boost temperature tolerance or even encourage fermentation in addition to the functions provided by various other nutrients.

Yeast fermentation leads to high temperatures and alcohol strengths, and leads towards the killing temperature, which ultimately kills the yeast. Robust yeast such as Turbo yeast is known as temperature tolerant yeast since it can ferment comfortably in high temperatures. Thus, one needs to ensure sufficient cooling around the fermentation vessel as well as ferment a maximum of 25 liters only at one time. This is especially critical in summer time when cooling fans and temperature tolerant yeast need to be used.

How to select the Best Turbo yeast?

For complete peace of mind, one simply needs to choose Turbo Yeasts offered by Gert Strand, which have retained top position for over 2 decades. Basically, these Turbo yeasts are the very same supplied to commercial distilleries in the spirit industry, but packed in smaller quantities for the retail industry.

Enthusiasts need to choose from different yeast variants depending on what they wish to produce. Two vital features such as purity and strength need to be considered. One can choose a lower variant if one wants a cleaner mash with lower alcohol strength of 14.5% as compared to higher 18% strength although the quantity fermented will also be less. Most enthusiasts prefer 18% Turbo that produces more alcohol with higher strength.

The Turbo yeasts mentioned below are very appropriate for the EasyStill.

Turbo yeast that ensures high alcohol strength

Turbo Pure 48 is an extremely temperature tolerant Turbo yeast that can ferment up to 18 to 19% alcohol strength and even 20 to 21% in case 10 kg of dextrose is used instead of sugar. No other yeast strain on the globe can ferment cleaner at 18% or at higher temperatures than Turbo Pure 48. EasyStill Turbo can manage up to 15%. Excessive fusel oils will develop if the mash temperature goes above 30 degrees Celsius. Fruit snaps cannot be made using Turbo Pure. Since fermentation is so pure, it works very well for alcobase that can easily be flavored to Ready to Drink (RTD) beverages.

One can begin fermentation using Turbo Pure 48 either by beginning with a mash temperature of 35 to 40 degrees Celsius that ferments 8 kg of sugar within 48 hours or begin at room temperature that delivers a much cleaner mash, but after 5 to 10 days.

One can get rewarded with 18% alcohol strength having specific gravity of 985 (-15 as per the Oechsle scale) after 44 hours provided the start fermentation temperature is 35 degrees Celsius and specific gravity (SG) is 1.120 (+120 as per the Oechsle scale).

Further fermentation up to 982 and 18% alcohol can be attained in case the mash is allowed to stand for 5 days.

Unfortunately, Gert Strand’s competitors have also started to market their inferior yeast as “Turbo Pure” or adding “Pure” to their brands simply as a means to achieve sales. Using such yeast variants with deceptive names can prove to be disastrous even for those that use the Amazing Still simply because other brands might end up producing harmful methanol. The Original Turbo Pure 48 from Gert Strand produces no methanol. One need not even discard fore shots (methanol) while using the homemade Amazing Still.

Yet another Turbo yeast is Prestige 8 kg Turbo that ferments 8.5 kg sugar to deliver 21% alcohol provided the temperature is maintained below 25 degrees Celsius throughout fermentation. It delivers 18% alcohol from 8 kg sugar infused in 25 liters of mash. One bag can ferment 4 batches of 25 liters each to deliver 100 liters of excellent alcohol including fruit snaps. However, Prestige 8 kg Turbo should not be used in summer or in countries with warm climate as it is not temperature tolerant as high heat caused during fermentation can kill the yeast.

One can achieve 18% alcohol in the mash provided the start SG is 1.120 (+120 as per the Oechsle scale) and final fermentation SG is 982 (-18 as per the Oechsle scale).

One more good Turbo yeast is Black Label Turbo Yeast. Most distilleries use this yeast since it is the most stress tolerant variant on the globe and the second most temperature tolerant one. It can deliver 14.5% alcohol with 6 kg sugar and 17 to 18% alcohol when 7.5 kg sugar is used during fermentation. It delivers a reasonably clean mash with 14.5% alcohol at 38 degrees Celsius and also delivers great fruit snaps.

It can give 14% alcohol in the mash if the starting SG is 1.090 (+90 as per the Oechsle scale) and final fermentation SG is 984 to 987 (-13 to -16 as per the Oechsle scale).

However, in warm countries where the fermenting temperature can rise to 40 degrees Celsius, which is also the ethanol killing temperature, Black Label Turbo or any other Turbo Yeast might not be suitable for fermenting 7.5 kg sugar (sucrose). But enthusiasts use it anyway with high success rates since Black Label Turbo is very temperature tolerant.

Black Label Turbo is created to easily ferment 6 kg sugar with ample nutrients, but might fall short while fermenting 7.5 kg sugar, which in turn could lead to stuck fermentation in case the yeast experiences high temperatures.

In hot countries, fermentation should be handled with care, since Black Label Turbo can get caught in stuck fermentation in mash temperatures of above 38 degrees Celsius while fermenting 7.5 kg sugar. However, this yeast ferments perfectly in case temperature is maintained below 34 degrees Celsius and final fermentation SG should be at 985.

Turbo yeast that ferments to maximum levels of purity

A fantastic variant of Turbo Pure 48 is the Turbo Pure 24 that has same temperature tolerance but is quite heavy yeast and has several additives to reduce the creation of several undesired products while fermenting. This yeast is thus expensive to sell and dispatch. Turbo Pure 24 should be used only to produce alcohols with 14.5% strength for maximum clarity since this is the best Turbo for this strength and it is certainly suitable for fruit snaps. However, fusel oil formation is high in case mash temperature rises over 30 degrees Celsius and in such cases Black Label Turbo would be a better choice.

One can receive over 13.5% alcohol provided the starting SG of the mash is 1.090 (+90 as per the Oechsle scale) and final fermentation SG of 986 to 990 (-10 to -14 as per the Oechsle scale). If left for an additional 24 hours, an additional few tenths of 1% alcohol can be created.

One Turbo yeast that is a favorite among most distilleries is Black Label Turbo, which is possibly the yeast with the highest stress and temperature tolerance levels on the globe. It provides 14.5% alcohol when normally used with 6 kg of sugar and is the best Turbo for countries with hot tropical climates. It delivers a clean mash with 14.5% alcohol even at 38 degrees Celsius. Even though it provides a clean mash, it is still bettered by Turbo Pure 24 that delivers a cleaner mash.

In case you do not use any Turbo Yeast of Gert Strand, then we would recommend that you use our very own Black Bull Turbo Yeast.

Turbo yeast suitable for 8 liter batch fermentation

One can use 2.5 kgs sugar and Prestige Mini Turbo yeast to produce 8 liters of mash with 18% alcohol strength.

The final alcohol strength of 18% after 7 to 10 days of fermentation can be achieved if the starting fermentation SG is around 1.120 (+120 as per Oechsle scale) and final fermentation SG is 982 (-18) as per the Oechsle scale).

This yeast is fantastic for preparing fruit snaps after fermenting 25 liter batches. Fermentation of the snaps should proceed at a slow pace for around 3 to 4 weeks in order to prevent the flavor from escaping together with carbon dioxide. This yeast is used in low quantities thanks to slow fermentation and high nutritional value of the fruit.

Whisky and Turbo yeast

Turbo yeast should never be used for making whisky since suitable whisky yeast that does not have additional nutrients is the right yeast to prepare whisky.

Poor Quality Turbo yeast vs Top Quality Turbo yeast from Gert Strand

All over the globe, there is a wide range of yeast that is being sold to distillers and customers alike. The yeast offered by Gert Strand of Sweden is the same that is marketed to professional distilleries all over the globe. Professional distillers have in-house laboratories and advanced testing equipment such as Gas Chromatography and Spectral Analysis machines, HPLC, etc., and they test all yeast before using them to ferment their products. Thus, the yeast delivered by Gert Strand needs to be far better than their current yeast in order to supply to such professional distilleries. Home enthusiasts actually get the very same yeast sold to professional distilleries, but packed in small sachets for the retail market.

Retail customers are often taken for a ride while buying yeast since they do not have the technical knowledge or testing equipment to determine the actual quality of the offered yeast. They have to rely on yeast recommended by store owners, which usually is the one on which profit margins are high, which translates into low quality yeast. Gert Strand has tried to educate customers about the importance of high quality yeast and interested enthusiasts can gain valuable information at https://www.turbo-yeast.com/intro.html.

Enthusiasts that want to purchase Gert Strand’s high quality yeasts can visit www.allfreightfree.com. One can place orders for Black Label Turbo, Turbo Pure 24, and Turbo Pure 24, among others and receive the products right at their doorstep in the form of a First Class letter at https://www.partyman.se/turbopure_order.html. It’s that easy.

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Avedore Trading is situated in Hvidovre, Copenhagen, Denmark. Our address is as mentioned below:

Avedore Trading ApS
Hammerholmen 9
DK-2650 Hvidovre
VAT No: DK33381271

Our Company Timings are:

Monday : 7:00 to 17:00
Tuesday : 7:00 to 17:00
Wednesday : 7:00 to 17:00
Thursday : 7:00 to 17:00
Friday : 7:00 to 15:00
Saturday : Closed
Sunday : Closed

Product Information: EasyStill

We are the original producers of The Genuine and Original EasyStill. Other products that are sold with similar names or at cheap rates are not genuine EasyStills, but are in fact dangerous imitations that could endanger your life and property.

The original EasyStill is made from top-grade stainless steel and is a factory rebuilt water distiller that can be safely utilized for multi-purpose distillation. Our original EasyStill has a costly inbuilt secret that cannot be seen by the naked eye and thus not be figured out by unscrupulous copycats.

It is far better for you to purchase and even re-sell our Original EasyStill and earn money on a genuine product rather than sell a spurious product that only looks like the real thing, but in turn could put your customer’s property and life at risk.

In other words, copycat spurious products may try to look like the Original EasyStill, but lack several critical features that makes them dangerous to use while lasting a lot shorter than the Original EasyStill.

Contact Us:
Kindly utilize our re-seller page or our helpdesk to contact us. We welcome Resellers and Importers to join hands with us for a long and profitable future.

OriginalEasyStill.com – The design of the Apparatus

EasyStill: Design of the Apparatus

The design of EasyStill has been based on a proven and well-known portable water distillation unit. However, several crucial changes have been made to make this unit deliver alcohol and spirits as well as essential oils and distilled water in a safe and convenient manner.

For instance, the chlorine release valve has been removed from the original design while making EasyStill, while the heating element has been replaced with a heavy duty one and cooling capacity has been improved to produce strong and pure alcohols and spirits due to enhanced separation. You can still produce distilled water using the EasyStill unit, but it will take twice the amount of time as compared with the original water distilling model.


Our invoice will describe the EasyStill unit as being a distillation unit for distilling water since a few specific administrations demand that the specifications of the unit mentioned on the invoice should be the same as the description on the package. Thus, in order to ensure that your unit is not held-up by customs authorities outside of the EU (there are no Customs within Europe), our invoice will mention the unit as Drinking Water Distiller.

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OriginalEasyStill.com – Reseller application

Reseller Application to sell EasyStill

We welcome you to join hands with us in selling EasyStill as a Reseller by registering here.

Kindly fill up the form displayed below so that we can get in touch with you in a short time.

If you are in any European Union Country then kindly provide your valid VAT number to enable us to sell without levying Danish VAT in our Invoice to you.

In case you are located in a country outside the EC then VAT number is not required.

Kindly note that you have to purchase a minimum quantity of 3 pcs of EasyStill with every order once you become a reseller.

We usually have sufficient stock of EasyStill at all times.

We will make a special offer to you if you purchase a minimum of 20 EasyStill units on a single order. Our next offer will be made at 36 EasyStill units on a single order.

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