OriginalEasyStill.com – The design of the Apparatus

EasyStill: Design of the Apparatus

The design of EasyStill has been based on a proven and well-known portable water distillation unit. However, several crucial changes have been made to make this unit deliver alcohol and spirits as well as essential oils and distilled water in a safe and convenient manner.

For instance, the chlorine release valve has been removed from the original design while making EasyStill, while the heating element has been replaced with a heavy duty one and cooling capacity has been improved to produce strong and pure alcohols and spirits due to enhanced separation. You can still produce distilled water using the EasyStill unit, but it will take twice the amount of time as compared with the original water distilling model.


Our invoice will describe the EasyStill unit as being a distillation unit for distilling water since a few specific administrations demand that the specifications of the unit mentioned on the invoice should be the same as the description on the package. Thus, in order to ensure that your unit is not held-up by customs authorities outside of the EU (there are no Customs within Europe), our invoice will mention the unit as Drinking Water Distiller.

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