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Distillation equipment required for hobby enthusiasts

Equipment required for fermentation of mash

Fermenting Vessel. You can easily locate a 25 liter wine bucket to use as your fermentation vessel. You can ferment your chosen quantity in this bucket that might range from 8 to 25 liters. However, if you prefer a smaller vessel to ferment in only 8 liter batches that is enough for around 2 distillations, then you can opt for a 10 liter plastic container.

Siphon Hose. Any siphon or a hose can be used to transfer fermented mash from the fermenting vessel in order to separate the deposit on the bottom of the vessel. This might deliver a cleaner alcohol or spirit although it is not necessary.

Rubber Bung. You can use a rubber bung or even a lid that has a hole suitable for fitting the fermentation lock. Wine buckets usually have a rubber muff that can be fitted with a fermentation lock.

Fermentation Lock. This vital lock allows carbon dioxide to escape during fermentation and does not allow air to enter the fermentation vessel since it might contain vinegar bacteria.

Equipment required for advanced level enthusiasts

Hydrometer. A hydrometer that has an inbuilt measuring glass to measure specific gravity (SG) such as those used to check automobile batteries should be purchased. The Oechsle scale is an excellent alternative to check if the fermentation process is complete. You can engage in fermentation without these instruments, but if you prefer precise control over the processes then it would be a wise investment.

Equipment required for the distillation process

In addition to the easy-to-use EasyStill distilling unit, you will also need the following items:

1 meter tube that has a diameter of around 10mm.

1 Filter made up of activated carbon that is filled in a 40 mm diameter tube that is 500 mm long in addition to a funnel and tube cap.

1 Alcoholmeter, either the 30-60% model or the 0-100% one that has a 250 mm high measuring glass.

Advanced level enthusiasts should opt for the 30-60% alcoholmeter along with a thermometer and a correction scale. This unit will help keep an eagle eye on the distillation process right up to parts of a percentage and is usually used by professional distilleries. However, it will pay to make a small investment for your hobby. Remember to opt for a top-quality alcoholmeter such as Widder of Germany that can be purchased from www.partyman.se and can be received right at your front door.

Another helpful investment is a hobby bench. You can keep the EasyStill on the bench and your distillation collection vessel below that bench. You can easily locate a sturdy and economical bench from outlets such as B & Q.

Equipment required for final finishing

All you need are a few empty bottles along with a funnel for final finishing.

Essences. One of the best brands of essences that are available in a wide range of flavors is Prestige. You can buy them online at www.partyman.se and get them delivered to your doorstep.

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